Sunday 16 February 2014

a little update

So a whole week of holiday has gone past and its back to work tomorrow. Boooooo. But there has been some fabric love :D

The holiday started with a weekend in York and on my way home I went to Fletchers Fabrics. 

Score!!! The very bottom one is 2 metres which I think will become the backing to the vintage hexagon quilt. The rest are 1 metre cuts and I also got 2 metres of a lovely batting. The one on the top is my fave!

I've been a bit interested in some mini quilt kits and after making a half of one I decided I could make something much more me. So i pulled out some of my christmas pressie fabrics and got making. Ready for my first ever completed quilt? 

Meet my sweet little dolls house quilt!!! Isn't she cute! I was so happy with her that I did something I've never done before. I made instructions! This afternoon I've cut out all the pieces of fabric for a second one and here it all is...

I know this is a bad pic but my other one came out sideways on blogger. So here it is, my first ever kit! and its going on my Etsy shop tonight! EEEEEEEEEEEP!!!

SO yeah, busy week! But now its Sunday and rather than finish off the vintage quilt, or the mini quilt I started making last week, or finishing quilting another project I have had sat around since before christmas, I'm starting something new. Just a sort of flowery hexagon quilt thingy that doesn't really have a plan but doesn't take too much brain power.

I have some beautiful chairs that have come to live with me that i desperately want to show you but will have to wait until next time because my computer won't upload them. But I will say that right now? My bum is in heaven :D and my back! my new chair for my sewing table is nothing like the horrible straight back dining chair I was using and I am so comfy I could fall straight asleep.


night  night

Happy sewing x

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