Sunday 2 February 2014

London and lovelies

What a day! Warning, this will be picture heavy...

Yesterday me and the rest of Team Robertson bundled ourselves onto the train to London to go to a Breakthrough Breast Cancer event.

The mr took us to the train station, but not before he'd said hello to our family dog Mabel

She is the best dog ever and since I stopped living at home I miss her so much!

We got the train and soon the alcohol was flowing.

Not for me because I don't drink fizzy but don't they look squiffy already! And it was only 10am! That's my mum on the left, never seen someone so happy to have their pic taken!

After the event me and my bestie Ashleigh went for a wander! I lived with this girl at uni and she is someone I can talk and talk to and never get bored!

We went to Liberty's. I cannot believe that after living in London for 2 years I never went here!

How beautiful is this!!!! 

I could see some fabric but I just couldn't get there! 

Amazing chair! And it was on sale, knocked down to... wait for it... £1200!!! How is that sale?? I could buy 2 of my favourite corner couches in Next for that!!!

Hey if your going for the wacky chair why not take this gorgeous thing home too? Look its 30% off! LOL

I loved this kitty plate but £38 is a bit out of my price range.

Really wanted to take this little guy home!

I thought these little peeps were so cute, Ash thought they were something straight from hell and when I turned round and came face to face with another set I must admit the longer you look at them the creepier they get. Its the eyes.

The lights in the stairwell were beautiful.

Button wall!

I found ric rac! I then found the price so none came home with me.

But I did buy a little something. As did Ashleigh, she was very excited to get a bag...

I jumped on that bandwagon...

I feel like my eyes are creepy in this pic, a little like those creepy dolls on the shelf in Liberty's. 

Wanna see what was in that bag? 

They wrap up your fabric like its a little present! And when I got it out at home it really did feel like a little pressie to me! 
See the little needle case there? It has pins, needles, safety pins and a beautiful little pair of scissors all tucked in there!

These are all rowan fabrics, I didn't buy any of the Liberty prints because they were so flimsy. I know that's what they are supposed to be like, for clothes maybe, but I like something a little more sturdy and these were my faves. Poor Ashleigh was very patient and even held some of the bolts for me whilst I picked. 
I keep seeing pictures of plain quilts. just one fabric on top, one on bottom and quilted and bound. Some are beautiful. I only have .5 of a metre of each these because I'm cheap and I hate paying £15-£16 per metre but I think maybe something really plain so I can just show off the prints.

We also nipped into M&M's world. I've been before but Ash and I was thinking a yummy treat. But when we got there I was still so stuffed from dinner that I couldn't stand the thought of getting any!

Yummy!!!! I really wanted a picture of the blues and greens (you can see them off in the distance) but it was just too crowded. I do love that they call it a London Attraction though, it is a fabulous way to pull people into your overpriced shop! Attraction my left butt cheek!

So that's it for my day out in London. Can't believe it is over already! And on top of that I can't believe my weekend is nearly over!

It's all OK though, one more week at work and then I have a whole week off!!!

I'll just share with you these lovelies that I got the other day...

Fat quarters!!!

Happy sewing everybody!

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