Sunday 24 November 2013

A weekend off...

So this weekend feels like my first I wasn't working in a long while (not true but the week before last I was ill with flu) and I took the opportunity to get on the sewing train.

This Friday coming is our local Christmas fayre and our little fundraising group have a table. A bit of background- my mum (breast cancer survivor) heads up our group which includes me, my auntie and a group of her wonderful friends as we raise money for the charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer, last year we walked the Great Wall of China and last month we biked across Vietnam and Cambodia. Next year they are planning the trek to Machu Pichu but I might be sitting that one out. 

As a group so far we have raised about 35k in 2 years and I love events like this because I feel like I can really contribute. 

This is us...
I'm the tubby one on the far left, my mum is the short one holding the right hand side of the flag.

When I sat down at my sewing machine on Friday night for an hour of sewing I had no idea what I would churn out!!

It's also only the second time I've ever had to price up my items, so i will put the picture up, the prices underneath and if anyone happens to read this and thinks I'm overcharging then please comment away, I have no idea what it all should be worth to be honest.

So here I have: 3 circle key rings (£1.50 each), fabric loop keyring (£3), mini stocking (£1), Christmas appliqué newborn baby vests (£4.50 each), burp cloth/ baby mat (£9), makeup bags (£6 each), small makeup bag (the one far right (£4), squishy appliqué blocks (£3 each).

There would be more of these bits but Saturday night me and the mr went out for our 6 years of being together (it was actually last month but I was in Cambodia and have been under the weather ever since) and I decided I had nothing to wear.

Before you see the picture please bear in mind that I have made only 4 items of clothing previously and all from pattern, this was guesswork.

That's my proud face, I had at this point gotten over the fact that the waistband has a MASSIVE LUMP THAT I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO FIX and resigned myself to wearing it as is (it was 7pm and we were leaving at 7.15pm). 

I'm thinking about doing a giveaway of something if I see some Internet signs of life, there will hopefully be much making in the evenings of this week so that I can bulk up that pile of fayre stock but after that I'm a free agent (though Christmas is a coming).

If you are reading then I hope you have had a fab weekend! X

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