Wednesday 27 November 2013

Another unproductive one

I'm still trying to stack up things for the Christmas fayre but its not going well.

I'm not sure if this is because of my amazing adaption to my workplace...

Yep, that's my laptop, and a lil bit of George Clooney, makes for slow sewing but that's happy slow sewing.

I had plans for 4 or 5 pouches and then to at least choose the outlines for some appliqué on some more baby vests. Didn't happen. I made...

That's 1 pouch and a pair of fingerless mitts. As you can probably tell I've never made them before and 
I was a bit clueless. They are just slightly shaped tubes with an opening for the thumb. I've seen a couple of people wearing these but in patternless fleece and I thought they would be fab because I would be able to knit and have toastie hands. Then I looked up the ones I had seen, £40!! That's quite a bit out of my price range really, especially when I can make shoddy but workable copies out of fleece I had at home. This was a pillowcase I made for fun thinking it would be warm and snugly in winter. Then I thought about the fact that sleepy dribble is gross and crusty and it would be really manky and I wouldn't want to put my face on that more than one night without washing. Then I cut it up.

That boxey cosmetic bag? That's me being clever. Not that clever, just clever for me. Want to know why? Because last night I tried to figure it out on my own and did this...

What is that? Are you realising how stupid I felt? I just cut the corners of a flat pouch. However when I managed to do this...

I was so excited that I made loud sounds, ran into the sitting room and screeched about it to the mr until I registered the look on his face, remembered that this is not the sort of thing he cares even a little bit about, and that this was why I started a blog. Then I went and took a crappy iPad picture. It's made out of my tea fabric that I love to bits, though I'm not a tea drinker I think this has no impact on cute material. 

Today we sold cakes at work for the charity of the year which is Alzheimer's society. We are doing it again tomorrow and I'm not a good cook, I also don't like having to wash up, ever. So I bought fairy cakes. Then I decorated them. Quite shoddily but it's not my skill. I told all my coworkers that I would be doing this and they were fine with it, I still payed money for the stuff and took a little bit of time sorting it, and tomorrow when we sell them the charity will get money, and I get to be safe in the knowledge that I haven't killed anyone with my cooking. 

I can't believe how quickly this week is going, and its late, and I'm tired, and I have to make efforts to protect my cakes from the man and cat I share this home with, and I haven't even had a shower yet.

I'm leaving you with this...
That's our cat covering mr's backpack with hair. It makes her happy, it makes him cross. This makes me laugh. When she jumps on my stuff I get no sympathy, I have more stuff and she sits on it a lot more so this makes me pretty cheery! 

Happy half way through the week, halfway closer to the weekend!!!! 

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