Sunday 15 December 2013

A winner and a busy week

First of all, the winner of the baby dress...

It's going to live with....

Kathy H 

Who said... "Very cute dress. My favourite film is The InLaws, the original one. It makes me and my family laugh out loud, even though we have seen it so many times."

Yay! I will be emailing you Kathy H to get your address and post this off! 

The little extra surprise giveaway is still a surprise as I haven't made it yet! I will make it on my lazy Sunday today and post about it next time, it will be going to...


Who said...

"I don't have anyone in this size dress. I just wanted to say, Welcome to Etsy! Etsy has a lot of easy tutorials to get your banner up or whatever else you want to do to make your shop your own. Look around and try to identify components of other shops that you would like to 'borrow' for your shop. Your cute elephant zipped pouch is great. I don't watch too many films but I love Downton Abbey - does that count?"

I guess Kathy's are lucky here today!!! Now I chose Kathy because she broke out of the norm and mentioned my tv love... Downton!!!!! I love Downton!!! I can't wait for the Xmas special!!! Kathy definitely got extra points for welcoming me to Etsy also, I'm a little scared of Etsy at the moment because I'm still not a 100% on how it works lol.

So Kathy I will be in touch to get your address too, but I won't be telling you what your getting, so you'll   know what it is when it turns up or you will see it here when I post it! 

This week has been crazy busy which has sucked big time, so I'm having a chill out day today, and I'm thinking about giveaways for the future. Maybe one a month? Only little things so no one get too excited, but its so fun to see the comments to enter and pick a winner and feel like I'm connecting with people on the other side of the world. So here is my question, if anyone reads this and thinks that in January they would be interested in coming here for a giveaway then comment on this post, if I get a few comments then I will post a giveaway before the end of jan! 

Ps. Here's what I made Friday evening and Saturday afternoon and then wore to the works Christmas party Saturday night...

That's my chuffed face, can you tell? :D


  1. I am so excited to win. I love SewMamaSew's Giveaway day! . They are in my neck of the woods - about 20 miles from me.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. I am thrilled to have won. M y granddaughter will look so cute in that dress. Thanks so much.