Sunday 8 December 2013

Shopping and sewing!

Fun is being had around here!! First I went to the fabric shop in yarmouth and came home with this.
The aim was to make 2 pillowcase dresses from the tutorial on Sew Like My Mom. I don't know how to link yet, that might be a new thing to learn.
I made this before I went back to the shops...
But then I went to the sewing shop in Beccles and got these...
And these...
And it all went a little haywire from there. I was really inspired to make the baby clothes, they are so so cute and they take so much less time and fabric to make! Since then I have been back to the shop and bought a few more poly cottons but I forgot to take pictures before I cut into them. 
On Friday night the Mr was studying (boyfriends don't tend to like the sound of sewing machines whilst they study) so I tucked myself up in the spare room (who am I kidding its a sewing room) but couldn't bring myself to make something that wasn't for me! 
This is what happened!
I made the collage with Instagram because I realise how picture heavy these posts are becoming. The centre lower patch on the patchwork side is a pocket and there are pockets inside for all the little bits I always lose, the brown side is all business and then it gets all party with the patchwork :D 

I'm so happy with it and I suddenly was happy to sew other stuff again! 
Nappy cover to match the pillowcase dress, then a three tiered toddler dress, then another pillowcase dress and finally a pink gingham top.

I'm not going to post them now because there really has been too many pictures today and not enough chat. But I am going to be brave and make that etsy shop I have been thinking about and they will be going up in there. It's just a trial. If it works then I make enough money to keep myself in fabric to make more and if it doesn't then I'm in the same situation I was in before! Right now it's not about trying to make a profit, more like making a self sustaining hobby. Also it would be very cool for other people to wear the stuff I make. I'd also quite like to be able to sell some of the things I make for the charity on there too.

I keep reading sewing blogs and seeing references to giveaway day. Sew Mama Sew organises a giveaway day twice a year and you get to go there and register your giveaway and then people come to your blog to try and win! I think that sounds great! It starts in 9 hours, so ill either post my giveaway post then or tomorrow morning before work. The rules are it has to be craft supplies or handmade items and I have a little persons handmade item waiting to go out to my winner!

I can't wait to see if anyone is interested! Look out for my giveaway post! Happy sewing!

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