Friday 10 January 2014

A day away... makes me grow lazier

A change is definitely not as good as a rest, we went to the pub last night, which meant I had nothing ready to go on my Etsy shop tonight and I was shattered and on top of all that I have the looming thought that I have to work tomorrow. As it is my week to work Saturday that means a 5.5 day week :(

Even though its only a half day it feels like it really cuts into the weekend. Luckily I work with some fabulous people. 

Today I was brought gifts, some of which were these...

These beautiful ladies were in the Debenhams sale and I'm hoping another lovely person can grab me some more tomorrow, I have big plans for these girls. A mini wardrobe of plans!!! So watch out, once I have completed a few outfits for each little lady I will post them on my etsy shop.

This is what went into the shop today...

It's a sandwich bag full of scraps and that really is a full bag. It's on etsy for £2 which I think is quite good, some of the bits of fabric are very big and it's a great way to grow a stash and it is especially good if you use it for any little quilting bits because you get variety.

I've been working on my piece of hexagon quilting and whilst it is a lot bigger than it has been it doesn't really look much different. I'll bore you with it tomorrow when I have nothing else to think off.

Also, there has been facebook success. more than 50 likes in less than a week, I know it's not many compared to other pages but I'm beaming with quite a lot of pride right now! Considering that most of the people that have been exposed to it are family or old school friends and I don't really think many of them are that interested in any kind of stitchery so I am feeling very supported.

So for now I'm going to go find my bed.

Before I go let me share this blog, it belongs to one of those facebook friends that I've known for a while but not too well, she's crafty!! yippee!! I get quite a lot of joy out of finding out someone else has a crafty bone. The mr is not the most craft-friendly, he doesnt make a fuss about me doing it, mostly he lets me get on with it. But his face goes very sad/bored if I try and force him into a conversation and I feel bad. Therefore I have you (blog peeps) and any crafty friends I can gather to talk to about it.

Happy sewing!

ps. check out the etsy shop and facebook page!!!

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