Tuesday 7 January 2014


There has been some major progress over here at the mad house! 

My Facebook page is up and running!

If you would like to take a look then come on over (woop another link! The novelty hasn't worn off yet!)

I'm thinking of a Giveaway soon, maybe if i can get the page to 100 likes then we'll have one to celebrate. I was thinking a choice giveaway, we'll have one winner and a choice of two prizes, one made item and one item that is craft supplies, that way whoever wins gets something they would really like or use.

I've been cutting some more charm squares and have put another pack on Etsy today and have got a pack ready to go on tomorrow. I can't have any pictures of them in this post because it's on my laptop and my lovely fabric pictures are on the Ipad :( But I will say this... I've cut into some of my favourites and I wasn't planning on that happening but they were so so pretty I had to share! 

So, I know this has been short (hopefully sweet) so I'll leave you with a pic that makes me happy (and was already on the laptop)

This was my first ever quilt, made for the beautiful daughter of my darling cousin early this year. Look at the sunshine, I miss it. Apparently we are getting snow next week!  

Happy Sewing

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