Monday 6 January 2014

The new look

I just wrote a whole post then google chrome crashed and I lost it all :[ 

So a quick run down of what I said that was deleted by the hateful internets!

LOOK AT THE BLOG! Changed huh!!! I am in love with this new look! No more pink stripes or boring unedited template!

I used this tutorial to make the header, look here... this one- and that's a link! See a link! Not like the one didn't work in the last post! By George I think she's got it!

Now I realise there has been quite a few !!!! in this blog. But it really is a whole blog of firsts, I'm learning a bundle, but I still have a bundle to go.

Lets have a picture so I can calm down.

See those? Those are charm squares. 3.5" packs of 40 charm squares to be precise. All hand cut by myself and 2 of which are now residing in my Etsy shop.

I think they are so so pretty, but this is the beginning. The very very start of the very very slow beginning of me trying to work with fabric. I don't care how little time I get to do it, as long as I get to do it. We'll see how it goes. I have a lot more plans but they all require some pretty steep learning curves so it might be slow going. 

This post is one of the first to come from my laptop instead of my ipad, the formats always come out a bit funny on the ipad and last week I wrote a post on the app which said it was all done and uploaded but never made its way to the internets! I didn't discover this until this evening and my cross face is finally going away. But only because of my banner making success. It's all swings and roundabouts though, I made my beautiful banner, put it on my blog, went to put it on my etsy page and found that I could no longer find it :( I know it is saved somewhere in my laptop but i have no idea where. I was sad for a moment but I have just realised this means I can make a whole new one for Etsy! 

Anyway, I have a lot more fun to share, here is one little bit of it...

I am having major love for these little hexagons right now.

But for now I have a million emails to send and a few little bits to sort and it's less than an hour till bed time, so I better get cracking. 

If you want to visit my Etsy Shop then please go ahead, I would love the views, and I will see you next time, when I get to tell you about a lovely package I have recieved and maybe a facebook page!! (maybe, I'm not that organised).

Happy Sewing!

Ps. Thats one post, two links!!!

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