Wednesday 8 January 2014

In front of the tele

Today we got home late, the fella (part time angel) went and cooked tea (we had these fried chicken fajitas which were amazing) whilst I cut my next pack of charm squares.
I'm trying to add one thing to Etsy a day at the moment and I am always staying a day ahead. That way if I have no time one evening I can still catch up the next day without too much work.

This is what went onto the Shop today...

Oh my gosh do I love these prints!!! The two on the bottom are Amy Butler (sqqqeeeeee) and the top right is called Charleston Farmhouse by Felicity Miller, It's my favourite and I think I might be keeping the rest to myself from now on. This is another 3.5" charm pack and its my favourite one thats gone together yet. 

This is what I have cut for tomorrow

The bottom left is another Amy Butler but this pack of 40 charm squares is a little different from the ones I have made so far. These are 5" squares!!! Big ones!!!

I think these have a bit more use than the 3.5" because they can be cut into more squares for smaller projects. I'm sharing this with you because tomorrow I'll be back late from work and then it's pub night so there'll be no blogging or playing with the rotary cutter.

After my little bit at the cutting mat I parked my bum on the couch and got on with my little hexagons. This is where I was at yesterday

This was yesterday, I forgot to take any pictures today but it has grown, this is the second square of these I've made and I'm hoping to make a little mini quilt. I have a dream of someone using it for a itty bitty dolls quilt.

I'm off to bed, but before I go... THE FACEBOOK PAGE HAS MORE THAN 50 LIKES!!!! I may well do a dance, we are half way to a giveaway! It might even be a mini quilt!!!

Anyway I'm tired, work tomorrow so sleep now.

Happy Sewing!

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